PINECT is a decentralized location-based social network which connects nearby people to each other and nearby places to people and builds strong data for venues advertisements and personal assistance

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In Pinect we solve security of users data by adding multiple layers of privacy,

and users get YP tokens when adding content based on a decentralized UGC verification.

  • Check-in where you go
  • Find friends nearby
  • Messaging and Groups
  • Earn YP tokens
  • Have a secure wallet
  • Find venues based on your location

UGC verification

Pinect allows users to unleash the potential of every neighborhood by interacting with other nearby users via questions, chats, reviews and comments. Utilizing the blockchain technology and introducing YP tokens, this platform solves the issue of manipulation of reviews and comments and therefore by preventing the bias of data, it provides a reliable source of information to make decisions based on.

Moreover, it solves the issue of data ownership and rewards individuals in return for accessing their data. In addition to asking questions and chatting, Youtopin focuses on the social network by featuring a check in option and the possibility of meeting nearby people.

UGC validation

New era of advertising on social network

Brands can reach their target consumers through a combination of:

Check-ins: a quick way to share your brand among friends

Reviews: quality detailed feedback about recent customer experience

User-generated content: incentivizes users to leverage their influence and following to advertise your business

Timeline of Pinect

June 2018
Idea Started
July 2018
Team Structure ||| MVP Structure ||| Set KPIs
Aug 2018
Company Structure ||| Whitepaper Started ||| MVP Started
Oct 2018
MVP Alpha Version ||| Whitepaper Raw Version
Jan 2019
Onboarding new partners
Feb 2019
Company Registration ||| Participate in blockchain Economy Istanbul
Mar 2019
Beta Version MVP ||| Landing Website for Youtopin ||| Release First Version of Whitepaper
Apr 2019
Participate in Dubai Future Blockchain Summit ||| Pre-Sale Started ||| Onboarding Blockchain Advisors
May 2019
Reaching Out Early Adopters ||| Draft a Detailed Product Roadmap ||| Rebranding to Pinect
Aug 2019
Execute and User acquisition ||| B2B Alpha Launch
Oct 2019
Release Pinect blockchain documents (first version) ||| Start implementing blockchain architecture ||| Onboarding new tech team members
Jan 2020
Full feature Pinect on testnet ||| B2B beta launch
May 2020
Pinect Blockchain (alpha version) ||| Pinect blockchain architecture documents (second version)
Aug 2020
Famous exchanges listing

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